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Choose up to 2 flavors, made to order.


VANILLA ON VANILLA, vanilla bean buttercream, white chocolate curl 

BELGIAN CHOCOLATE, nutella buttercream, candied hazelnuts 

PINEAPPLE, caramelized pineapple cream cheese frosting, almond flour cake, maraschino cherry

COOKIES N CREAM, chocolate chip cake, oreo-vanilla cheese frosting, oreo cookie 

BLACK RASPBERRY, dark chocolate cake, black raspberry buttercream 

BLUEBERRY LEMONADE, blueberry lemon cake, blueberry buttercream, lemon glaze

BLACK FOREST, dark chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, candied tart cherries, chocolate shavings

SALTED CARAMEL, dark chocolate cake, salted caramel buttercream, salted caramel drizzle

DARK CHOCOLATE, dark chocolate cake, dark chocolate ganache, cacao nibs

CUP CAKE OF THE MONTH, tell us the month of your event, we’ll tell you the flavor!

Mini Cupcakes - 60 per order

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