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Brooks & Landry Catering has made the commitment since day one to provide the highest levels of service, taste and satisfaction to our customers and their guests. We understand that the events we cater are often memories that will be cherished for a lifetime, and that these memories bring multiple generations together to celebrate, honor and commemorate a special event.  However we also understand that catering can be a very wasteful practice if not done properly, and we strive to ensure that the events we put on aren't also leaving lasting impression on our planet in the form of waste and plastic trash.  For this reason, Brooks & Landry is proud to use plant based plates, bowls, cutlery, straws and  napkins which are biodegradable and compostable.  Our company also goes the extra mile to deliver our food in reusable pans and platters which we will pick up and wash.  Overall we want to make you as guest as happy as possible while limiting our impact on the earth we love.  Other ways we contribute to sustainability include:

Sustainable Seafood

We proudly buy our seafood from companies that support sustainable fishing and farming practices and strive for a healthy ocean ecosystem.

Farmers Market

Seasonal Ingredients

By sourcing as much of our seasonal vegetables, fruit, nuts and herbs from local farms, orchards and distributors we limit the distance our food must travel to reach your plate and thus limiting the use of fossil fuels.
Locally Sourced Meat
Michigan and the Midwest produce some of the best meat in the world, and we are proud to source from local butchers and distributors who support our local ranches
Classes: Classes

Earth Friendly Dinnerware, flatware & Cups


One of the ways we go the extra mile to save our planet is by utilizing products like the VerTerra Palm Leaf Plates which reduce the carbon footprint of the events we cater by ensuring we aren't adding harmful waste to landfills.  

Our Earth Friendly Dinnerware, flatware and Cups are perfect for any occasion, and are designed to be just as beautiful as they are tough. 

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